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With its historic attractions and gorgeous canals, Venice is one of Italy’s most famous attractions.

First of all, few cities can claim such priceless art and historical heritage. This is a unique city with magical, spectacular scenery. It is not just beautiful. It is a real miracle of creative genius. The city is built on mud, sand and the slime of a difficult, inhospitable landscape.

During centuries of feudalism and barbarism, the city symbolized democracy and civilization.

However, what surprises about the city, now as in the past, is its impressive building structure. It’s a city built entirely on water. For centuries, the Venetians slowly and stubbornly insisted on recovering even the smallest bit of land from the water.

From the very start, building the city was a real engineering miracle.  This is above all due not only to the skill and intelligence of its builders but also to the nature of the place itself.

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Mountain stats

Currency: Euro (€)
Language Spoken: Italian and Venetian (dialect)
Percentage: Ethnicity
91 Italian
3 Eastern Europeans
1 South Asian
1 East Asian
4 Other
Population: 76,650
Population per Sq Km: Venice 9580
Time: Central European Time (GMT/UTC plus one hour)


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