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A classic family-friendly winter ski sports resort.

The journey to Arosa, by rail or road, is a string of postcard-perfect views and picturesque terraced villages. Arosa has been a well-known and extremely popular alpine health resort for more than 100 years. On average, the sun shines eight to twelve hours a day and, due to the northerly location, there is always plenty of snow.

Arosa is located at the top of the Schanfigg Valley, surrounded by rugged, towering peaks. The town itself consists of two areas: the main resort is Ausserarosa, clustered around the train station and the Obersee lakelet, while the older village at the upper end of the valley is dubbed Innerarosa.

When the visitor has had his fill of ambiance, Arosa has plenty to offer in the way of sport. From the skiers taking in the view from the gondola station at the 2,653-meter (8,622-foot) summit of the Weisshorn to the ice skaters spinning on the lake on the valley floor, Arosa is an Alpine sporting feast. In fact, there are so many sporting and non-sporting options that it’s the type of place where one doesn’t have to ski to have a fun-filled holiday.

What’s Great

  • Classic Swiss winter resort ambiance at the head of a beautiful wooded valley
  • Family friendly resort with plenty of activities besides skiing & snowboarding
  • Few lift lines
  • Relatively reliable snow
  • Some of the best cross-country skiing in the Alps
  • Excellent free shuttle-bus to lifts

Mountain stats

Elevation: 4032 ft – 9400 ft
Capacity: 63,936 Persons/Hr.

Total: 43
T-Bar Lifts: 17
Chair Lifts: 18
Gondolas: 4
Aerial Cableways: 4

Overall Slope Length: 139.8 miles
Easy: 69 miles
Moderate: 54.1 miles
Advanced: 16.8 miles


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