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The Alpine Adventures / SkiEurope Travel Insured plan
is customized to minimize your financial loss should
you be forced to cancel the trip….


Here are frequently asked questions answered by our
experienced travel agents who specialize in planning
winter mountain vacations…


Learning a few key phrases in your word destination’s
language makes a great impression on locals and could
also make your travels much smoother…

Language Guides

Arrive two hours early for international flights, one hour
for domestic flights. Bring a photocopy of your passport
and store it separately from your passport…

Packing List

One of the most frequent questions people ask is
“Where’s the best skiing in the Alps?”…

Best Alps Ski Resorts

The metric system of measurement is used in Europe and
Canada. Temperatures are quoted in Celsius degrees…


Always arrive in good time for your flight departure on an
international trip – much earlier than for a domestic flight…

Airport Flight

Have your newspapers and mail picked up. Ask neighbors to keep
an eye on your home. Install an inexpensive timer to switch interior
lights on and off…

Trip Preparation